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Accloudants: A New Kind of Bean Counter

They used to be referred to as Bean Counters, but savvy accountants are providing more and more business consulting services which cross over in to the realms of technology – with a focus on cloud.  This new breed of “accloudants”

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Embrace the Cloud: Your Staff Are!

  ViaMoi / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND A recent Gartner survey found 40% of businesses in Australia are using cloud services. Now that stat might seem overly high to some – many other recent studies have cited figures more like

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Save Time with the Cloud

 This article was originally published by me on the Small Business Daily blog in 2011.  Fir0002 / Foter.com / GNU Free Documentation License What’s the one thing we’re all given for free, but once it’s spent, we can never get

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