Accloudants: A New Kind of Bean Counter

They used to be referred to as Bean Counters, but savvy accountants are providing more and more business consulting services which cross over in to the realms of technology – with a focus on cloud.  This new breed of “accloudants” (a term I may have just coined!) are not only technically savvy – often using the technology in their own businesses – but also have the financial smarts and insights to be able to effectively position new technology investment with relevant and tangible ROIs for their customers.

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James Solomons of Sydney based EFS Strategic is a great example of an Accloudant.  At first look his firm is a traditional financial services outfit, but in a recent article he posted he calls out his focus on technology platforms as a way to help customers run a “smarter business”.  In a statement I find quite refreshing, he says “where do you find most, if not all of this technology? Quite simply, in a web browser”, illustrating his preference for cloud based solutions.  Refreshing because I find traditional IT channels often throwing up sensitive financial data and perceived risks and concerns of having this data in the cloud as being a blocker for small businesses in adopting modern solutions.  Yet here’s an expert in the finance industry leading with those solutions.

But what traditional IT providers should really be taking notice of is the effortless way an Accloudant is able to connect a technology solution to a business conversation around return on investment and profitability.  And then take that even further to a lifestyle conversation connected with wealth creation.  Solomons presents this perfectly in his post:

And when you run a ‘smarter business’ what does this all translate into? Quite simply, more profit for less effort. And more profit means (usually) more money in the bank. More money in the bank and less effort means SME owners will enjoy a higher standard of living AND/OR they will reinvest this time and money back into their business to grow it further which benefits not only themselves in the long run but also benefits the economy. It’s a win/win for all of society !

He goes on to present an example case study of sorts which I imagine is very close to the actual conversations he’s having with his customers.  About how not moving to a modern solution will cost them in the long run.  About how that additional money saved could be invested to grow the business.

Is the Accloudant the new disruptive innovator in the traditional IT channel – gazumping traditional technology solution providers, transforming small business laggards to market leaders and creating new channel opportunities for cloud vendors?

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2 comments on “Accloudants: A New Kind of Bean Counter
  1. Michael says:

    that is where we are all going – hop on the bus; or as a PR client summarised business for 2013 “the options were retire from business or reinvent your business” as 2014 will see nothing being the same!

    • adminmoulynoxcom says:

      Indeed Michael. I like the quote. I think the exciting thing is not only are you reinventing your business, but the Accloudant reinvents his customers’ business too.

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